Xbox Crashes.

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    I bought the new map pack Revolution, downloaded it as normal. Everything is fine except when Mirage loads up it crashes my Xbox completely. I have downloaded the map pack again and it still does it. Any help is more than welcome. 

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    Usually when I hear of this problem,

    it is due to the game disc having a scratch on it,

    in a particular spot.

    I had to get 2 copies of the first Black Ops,

    same with MW,all because of 1 little scratch,

    it wouldn't allow me to play a certain map.

    But as soon as I got a new disk,it worked perfectly fine.

    I have a friend who can't play Overflow,

    it just freezes every time on that Map,

    so I switched disks with him to see if that would change it or not,

    and sure enough,it's just all because of a dumb scratch lol

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    Have you downloaded the disk to your HDD?

    "If you die instantly, it's not really a problem now is it?"

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    Mine does the same thing on Downhill.  I'm waiting for another copy from Gamefly before I figure out if it's the disc or not.

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    Try what Renegon said first or maybe rent the game from Blockbuster or whereever, then download it and your scratched disc should work fine.

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    I've reloaded the DLC (and cleared the system cache 3 times now).  Tried playing it on 2 different consoles.  Put a brand spanking new disc in it last night.  It's still freezing when loading Downhill.  The problem is on Treyarch's end.  

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    If it was on TAs end, wouldnt everyone have trouble downloading that map? Just saying.

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    Not necessarily.  Not everyone runs into the same glitch.  Plenty of times with games some people experience problems that other people don't.  For instance - I can't get theater videos to load to my Elite page.  Others can.  Treyarch has already said it's a known problem and they're working on it.  

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    Guess so. Im glad my DLC is working fine, good luck.