The next DLC ... release date?

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    Any release date for the second DLC Map-pack release?

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    No, we still have at least another month before they mention anything about the map pack but it should drop in April. Enjoy the map pack we have.

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    lol the first one just came out.

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    Well, I am still enjoying it and most of the rest of the maps, but since I paid $50 up front, I am perhaps more eager than usual about the release dates.  I don't want the 4th to come out in October, right before the next COD.

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    Map packs have always been 3 months apart. Revolution: January, the next one: April, 3rd one: July, last one: October. It's just the way that it always has been and always will be. Besides the CoD release date may be delayed a little to wait for the Xbox 720 to drop. Although there will be versions of the next CoD game for both the 360 and 720.

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    the 720 isnt coming out until 2014 and the next dlc should be out by the end of this month

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    Keep thinking that Dazed but there isn't an announcement for the 720s release date until June at E3, which they will most likely try to compete with PS4 and release it mid November. DLC has always been 3 months apart so you're wrong again dazed. I still stand by my statement of the DLC being released April, July, October.

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    There were some BF4 rumors a while back of October time and it being on the 360 and the next gen,But only rumors so far.Possible next gen this year?we will surely find out in a few months.

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    they had an interview on GT TV awhile back like in january and they stated that they wouldn't even think about releasing the 720 until early 2014 but since niether of us have any facts both of our opinions are biased, and they are in fact that JUST opinions. so i don't care to sit and argue with you over something that really doesn't even matter seeing as how all i did was say something(my opinion) and you lash out against me for no other reason then just to look smart. so go ahead and sit up on your high horse but Microsoft doesn't make BO2 DLC so even if they did plan to release the 720 that would have nothing to do with the release of future DLC for BO2

    So i stand by my "opinion" and say the 2nd dlc will be out by the end of the month of March, or the first week of April, the 3rd should be out around the mid June, and the final Dlc should come out around th end of july, or the first week of september. < like i siad Opinion. but one thing i do know for sure they confrimed the relase of MW4 in November of this Year, so why would they realease the last DLC only weeks before the release of the next COD game  becuase everyone knows when a new game comes out the previous one becomes obsolete

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    Well, I am still enjoying it and most of the rest of the maps, but since I paid $50 up front, I am perhaps more eager than usual about the release dates.  I don't want the 4th to come out in October, right before the next COD.

    I hate to tell you this but the company went belly up. There won't be anymore maps comming out. They want to thank you for your money as there will be no refunds... Of course I'm only j/k but you never know. That's one of the main reasons I don't pay for things ahead of time.

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    @Dazed, MS is already outselling Sony so they aren't going to rush a release to compete. Not to mention I think they are really going to test the mess out of their next console seeing the problems with the initial release of the 360. Then again you never know that's why companies are releasing their big titles earlier in the year. I think the last big name game that's going to come out this year is GTA5 and that's September. Might be some other ones but probably not as big. I think Splinter Cell comes out around then too. Normally the bigger titles come out after September and there aren't many if any lined up.

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    I sure hope it is something that takes a little creativity than the last dlc!  All the maps except downhill sucks, they are cookie cutter maps with lots of clutter to get caught up on when moving around.  Give me something with some substance like jungle from bo1, or a close quarters map like shipment from cod 4, or even a large map with lots of areas to get lost in.  I have been seeing the same style maps in the past 2 cod games, come on treyarch use your brain for once.  

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    Probably late April.

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    The big theme for most maps from any FPS (BO2 included) is having at least 3 primary routes that are parallel to each other (so 1 in the middle with 2 on each side of it). Most of the time they'll also have smaller or shorter routes intersecting the 3 to make things even more interesting. The reason they do this is because it's simple & it works very effectively. Take a look at an overlay from a multiplayer map from virtually any modern day FPS & you can find these 3 primary paths, I'm absolutely sure of it. I'd post some for BO2, but the last time I did, they were removed for whatever reason, so I'll make a list for you.



    - through the lobby

    - through the ruins

    - under the bus


    - by the harbor

    - under the crane

    - through the office

    Carrier (4 paths):

    - alongside the armory

    - inside the wreckage

    - through the hall

    - by the crane


    - through the grass & 2 offices

    - center street

    - lab/factory

    Express (4 paths):

    - lower lobby & ramps

    - terminal & tracks

    - train

    - bushes, back-rooms, & upper office


    - center of the boat (back, gym, living room, shower, dining room, kitchen, & front)

    - plank-side

    - spa-side


    - offices, ramp, & tunnel

    - generator

    - reactor


    - back alley, harbor, & construction

    - center street, overturned-bus, tug-boat, & broken boat

    - central alley with fountain


    - D'Bo

    - stairs & sports cars

    - red room, blue room, & club


    - basketball court, pool, & up-stairs bedroom

    - kitchen, rock garden, & wall

    - round-about driveway


    - front street & shop

    - graveyard, statue, & tires with dumpsters

    - backstreet with garage, memorial, & coffee shop


    - front street

    - back street

    - tractor & playground

    Turbine (7 paths):

    - cliff-side road

    - south road

    - alongside tube (south)

    - inside or on top of tube

    - alongside tube (north)

    - north road & ruins

    Yemen (3.5 paths):

    - wooden road

    - dirt path

    - center street & bridge

    - rocks & fountain


    And that's not even counting the DLC maps!

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    Does anyone want to do the tower of babble or high maintenance achievement for black ops 2? Note you must have a mic and you cannot be a little kid.