COD Ghosts App - All You Need To Know

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    Welcome all to the COD Ghosts App Guide! This app is now available on many major handheld devices. This guide has been put together by myself, and since this site no longer allows images to display in the post, I have linked pictures of the menus and app whenever possible, with all pictures being uploaded to a safe site called DropBox which lets me share files from my computer with you. Hope you enjoy the app!


    It is currently available to download from the following:
    Select Android Devices via Google Play *
    iPhone devices via Apple Store
    Windows 8 Phone Devices via Windows Phone Store (not Win7 devices)
    Windows 8 Application Store - coming soon

    * Not all Android devices seem to be compatible at this time

    Signing In/Creating Account

    If you have previously created an account, then feel free to sign in with your linked email/password.

    For those who have never signed in, you will need to create an account via the "Create Account" option in the bottom right corner. Once selected, select the first option to link to your Xbox LIVE account. You will need to enter your Gamertag's email and password in this screen to link your GamerTag with the app. If you forgot your email/password for whatever reason, please see the following help article.

    Now, you should be linked up and ready to go!

    Home Screen


    Click Me for Picture of Homescreen

    So, at the Home screen, you will notice the top of the app is your current linked Gamertag, as well as the name of your currently selected squad mate. Below that is the level and experience bar, which appears along the top of the app and will update as you play. In the bulk of the page, you see a nice image of your current squad member that you have chosen. You can press on the screen and drag to rotate your squad member 360 degrees if you so wish to look at them. You will also see the news ticker on this screen. Here, you will be able to scroll down the news feed and see a lot of cool stories and videos. Selecting these stories brings you to a new screen to watch the video it contains, or read the story itself.

    Menu Option (Bottom Left)

    Selecting the bottom left icon brings up the menu. Here, you will see the following screen: Click Me

    So, we will go down the options you now have one by one and see all the awesome things you can do in the palm of your hand.

    People Option (Bottom Right)

    Clicking on this will show you all of your friends that are currently online. Selecting them will show you their profile if they have one, as well as a quick way to invite them to your clan if you so choose.

    Find Players & Clans

    Pretty self explanatory, press the white text box and type someone's GamerTag or Type a clan name in and you will be brought to that person or clan's profile. Pretty helpful way of easily looking up your friends stats on the go!

    My Profile

    Your profile is where you get to see all of your awesome stats, your squad, and your clan.

    Stats: Here you can see your icons, your K/D ratio, Win ratio, Hours played, preferred weapon, and your current highest streak. Nothing here is clickable. Click Me
    Squad: Here you can see your last used squad member, their name, level, and XP needed until next level up. From here, you can select the "View Squad" option to go in the "Create A Soldier" mode, which will be explained in the next section. Click Me
    Clan: This shows the current clan you are in (if you are in one). On this screen, it shows you the clan logo, clan name, current level, and XP needed until next level. Clicking on this brings you into the "My Clan" menu which will be explained in a following section. Click Me

    Create a Soldier

    On this page you can, you guessed it, create your soldier. It will default to show your current squad member, but you can cycle between them by selecting the left and right arrows on the left hand side of the screen. By selecting the wrench icon, you can edit your squad members appearance.

    You can edit your loadouts right away for each squad, and selecting the save icon in the upper right of the screen will push the changed loadout through to your console for immediate use next game. Click Me for Sample

    Clan Wars

    Clan Wars isn't yet live, it is coming 11/25/13. Please note, you must have 3 members in your clan before the war starts to join Clan Wars. Click Me

    My Clan

    On the My Clan app, you will see your clans logo, name, K/D ratio, Win Ratio, Level, and XP until next level in the first window pane. Right below that, you will see a section that shows what you will unlock at your next clan level. You can select the down arrow in that window pane if you have more than two items you will unlock, to see the rest. Click Me

    Scrolling down, you will see your Clan Wars summary for your clan, which at this time, is listed as "coming soon". So, this will have to be expanded upon later. The last thing you will see is your Clan Roster which lists the total number of people in your clan at the moment, as well as their position, Gamertag, and K/D ratio on the initial screen. Click Me. Clicking on the individual GamerTags here will bring you to their profile. Hitting the arrow in the header box will bring you to the leadership page.

    The leadership page shows you the current hierarchy of the clan. The top will be the Leadership, and below that will be the Lt. Commander, and regular members. Here is what each rank entails:
    Commander: Invite Players, Kick Members, Edit Motd, Change Roles, Edit Clan Profile.
    Lt. Commander: Invite Players, Edit Motd, Edit Clan Profile
    Member: Invite Players

    When someone joins a clan, they are defaulted to the Member role. The Commander is the only one who can change clan member roles, so they will have to decide which of the above ranks everyone is. To change someone role, select the "change role" option on a given player and then select what their role will be, followed by "change". To cancel without changing, just select back. On this screen, you also have the option to kick a player if you so choose.

    Back to the main My Clan Page, you will notice two icon in the upper right hand corner., which serve the following functions:
    The first icon is a helmet with a backarrow on it. This icon is how you leave a clan. Selecting it will prompt you to leave the clan. If you are currently the leader, you will need to promote another clan member to leader before you can leave the clan. Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no way to leave a clan if you are the only member in it, so you will need to either invite someone else and promote them, or just wait until the option maybe becomes available in the future.
    The second icon is to edit your clan. From here, you can edit your emblem, name, tag, motto, background, roster, and deal with pending applications. Please note, members can not edit any of this information until given the privilege from the leader as described above. Selecting any of the editable fields will allow you to change information as you please. Once you are satisfied with the change, you can select the save icon in the upper right hand corner to push the change through to the console.

    Clan Chat

    Self explanatory, chat with your clan mates!

    Find & Join A Clan

    Another self explanatory menu, you can find a clan by selecting the search icon in the upper right hand corner of this menu by typing in a clan name, or you can view suggested clans based on what your friends have joined. Scrolling down will show you a vast amount of clans, their level, member count, and an option to apply. If you want to do a little more research on the clan first, simple press their name and it will take you to their clan profile.

    News & Events

    Browse the latest news and events here, many of which are on the home page.







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    The links to download are above. For those asking about Clan Wars, a message in the app says it doesn't go live until the 25th, I also linked a picture of it for those wondering :).

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    I have it already,It even let me design my clan emblem using touch screen,That was tough!lol

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    Now I can create my classes and order my clan around, whilest I take a poop!

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    ^^Haha yep, and you can push the updates through to your console right away. One thing I forgot to mention is to utilize the app, you will have needed to play a couple matches first or the app doesn't seem to like you too much lol. And it is free, any paid app is a knockoff/scam.

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    Good info.

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    Thanks :)

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    I got the app working. It took 3 days and several reboots and it suddenly works on ICS 4.0.3

    it does need a few other apps to use all features like the COD elite app, but you should have that if you want to check other stats......

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    that carries a machine gun and will spray 1000 rounds at a flea [tiniest annoyance]

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    Anybody know why the app doesn't show a players prestige history or elite member status?

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    35,000GS - 3/25/2014

    40,000GS - TBD

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    I don't believe either of those are in this app, but it is possible they will continue to update the app and add new features.

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    Judge Bergan

    I don't believe either of those are in this app, but it is possible they will continue to update the app and add new features.

    If you look at a players profile under their name there are grey symbols that should be showing your prior prestiges from MW3 and BLOPS 1 and 2 plus your elite member status (member or founder)

    30,000GS - 6/28/2013

    35,000GS - 3/25/2014

    40,000GS - TBD

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    Ohhhh I did notice that and was a bit unsure what they were since all mine were grey, but like you some of them should have been populated.

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    Has anyone got it to behave yet? I'm the leader of my clan and every time I try to make changes it says I am not authorized... Ugh

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    I changed my gamertag months ago but it says my old name on the app, can this be changed somehow?

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    Anyone have an answer for TheDualPistols?  I have the same issue.  The App shows my old gamertag instead of the one I am using.  I've gone to the website to make sure my profile information is all up to date, but the old gamertag is still there even after I logout and log back in.