Season Pass?

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    Season Pass is it worth it? 

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    If you're getting the DLC then yes.

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    Maybe, there could be a DLC sale later on or even a discount on the season pass.

    The Unwavering

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    I see no hurry......

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    maybe when one comes out it might be cheaper on 360 thats if your not getting the one

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    It won't be cheaper. If you buy it on the 360, it also works on the One.

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    Personally I don't bother with season passes or any other DLC with shooters. For me the season pass was $69, almost the same price as the game itself. Lol, no thanks.

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    I pretty much agree, but I am curious about this one. I may go ahead with it if I can confirm it will be worthwhile but I tell you what, I'm going to have to be pretty damn certain.

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