error 16384

    • Level   7

    Ok so suddenly this is coming up when I try was working fine this morning.

    • Level   2

    I'm getting the 'servers are not available' all of a sudden. Been fine the rest of the evening.

    • Level   7

    Yeah....I'm getting the same thing, yet says things are working with brief interruptions with a Defcon level of 4.

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    According to the Xbox Support page there are some issues with connectivity.  This is happening with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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    This has happened to me a few times.  

    You need to quit back to the main menu then go back into Multiplayer and it should work again.

    • Level   2

    Still got it now. Won't let me on at all, been like it all day.

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    I had this problem a couple of weeks ago contacted support and no one could give me an answer. Try clearing your cache that might help i did this and the sort of stopped