Disc Unreadable...

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    as soon as i got the game i installed it to hd but i knew something wasnt right because of the squeaking, it still squeaks when i put it in but when the hd kicks in obviously it stops spinning and everything is fine,played for a few hours last night no problems, my xbox was bought when i got cod4 which was 2007, its had the red ring and has been repaired by microsoft..everytime i put the disc in im thinking its gonna go..also sometimes my xbox doesnt eject properly so i have to give it a tap on the top for it to eject lol..but thats a common issue with older xbox's.

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    It's a recurring problem for all three games

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    yeah same thing happened with forza 4, they accused alot of people using pirated discs and they got banned from their servers..must be a patch thats been released..no doubt microsoft wont enlighten us.

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    The other night I:

    -I cleared my cache

    -Ran MW3

    -Did not run the update (got disconnected from LIVE)

    -Was able to play the single player campaign, right where I left off on Tuesday night

    -Tried to run Multiplayer - got "Disc Unreadable" error after the mandatory update

    It's gotta be that mandatory "Patch"... I get this problem with Gears 3 as well. Can't play online without Disc Unreadable....

    Anybody else find stuff online about a fix???

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    I have the same issue with my XBOX Halo 3 edition, and when I called support today, the rep told me that it might be the new methods that activision and other companies are using to inscribe the cd's with the data might acutally be causing the the laser drive to spin too fast in trying to read the game which causes it too give you the disc unrecognizable error. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, its not something I should have to pay $100 dollars for, or have to buy a new XBOX S. This is a tad messed up.

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    i wish my xbox worked to

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    So stupid that they released a game which doesnt even work properly, i'm selling my xbox and buying a playstation 3

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    I'm having the same problem. Almost every time I go online and match is about to start on COD MW3, my Xbox says that my disc is unreadable.

    This isn't acceptable Microsoft.

    You want to charge me to fix the faulty hardware that you sold me? Yeah, that makes so much sense.