Titles and Emblems for Survival/Spec Ops?

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    Does anyone know if there are any titles or emblems that can be unlocked during spec ops or survival? Thanks

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    there are some cheevos and a title for clearing 15 levels on each map

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    Oh any idea what it looks like or says?

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    if you search this forum there  was a thread already asking about this

    and a  poster put a pic  of the title in that thread

    sorry i can't link it

      JUSTICE FOR THE 96 YNWA 15-4-89

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    I didn't find it here. But I did find this for myself, some where else. Hope it help's you out. Must of the stuff is the same as MW2.


    LOL at spoilers. It's the internet, What do you think is going to happen if your looking it up. LOL

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    Lazy link


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    Thanks for that :)

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    Couldn't find it? Hmmm 


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    Yes there is, i have one...Title reads UNSTOPPABLE....pictured with green gas and a sideways mask....Reach Wave 15 in all Survival Maps...also a cheeveo to go with it for 40pts..

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