Can you reset your stats?

    • Level   9


    Try to delete the game data from your memory or hard drive and start it again a new save it might work

    Silly goose.

    Watch a Korean Drama.

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    I found a way to do it, just samash your XBox 360 hammer, I heard it wipes out everything, its such n awesome thing to do.

    • Level   7

    Just prestige, unless you already did it 15 times?  In that case, create a new gamertag.

    • Level   9

    Thread resurrection. Why?

    Watch a Korean Drama.

    • Level   4

    Here how to do it. Take a class in c++ and network analysis. Get into the treyarch severs, find your gamertag and hit reset. That should do it.

    Me love you long time.


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    Through the darkness, these blades will light our way.

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    yeah buddy