Constant "Connection Interrupted" problem...

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    Girlfriend is having a hard time playing Black Ops online.

    She keeps getting Connection Interrupted. Internet's working fine on everything else. NAT is open as well.

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    Could be she's kickin butt too much and the enemies keep dashboarding ..........



    Or .....



    Maybe the internet isnt really working fine.



    If the xbox is connected wireless, many things such as cordless phones and microwaves can cause problems.



         Its also pretty common for people to have brief interruptions in internet service ........ 5 or 6 seconds.

    In most cases , such as surfing the web, you wouldnt even notice, and I'm sure there are saome games which it wouldnt effect. But bo is very touchy, 5 or 6 seconds will boot you.

         There is a program called robotest that you can download from You can set it up to run a pingtest on a regular basis .... say every 15 seconds or so. It can run in the background on your puter and check the log to see inconsistencies in your connection.

    I'd suggest getting it then let it run for sevearl hours and see if there is anything in the log that coincides with the connection interruptions.

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    This game has  an absurd amount of connectivity issues, it's not your internet. I've had games where it's that "CONNECTION INTERRUPTED" sign for an entire game, then the new game it runs flawlessly...just terrible in the connection department.

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    Black Ops is just an all around terrible game when it comes to connection.

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    I wouldnt disagree that black ops has lag issues .



    But just assuming that because you pay a good price for your internet service, or because you run a speedtest or pingtest with good results, that the problem is all on their end, isnt doing you any good.



    There is always going to be lag issues with bo .. thats just the facts.



    But anything you can do to make that better is helpful.



    I had terrible problems with the game in the beginning. Everyone agreed it was the game, but I decided to check just to make sure, and boy I am glad I did.



    Speed tests proved I had a fairly crappy internet sevice ( 3 down 1 Up is the only plan available to me ... and at times I barely get half that).. But when I used robotest, I found there was actually a technical issue on top of that. About every half hour I would get a couple pings that were way worse than the rest.



    I collected more information about it and called my cable company....... No way it was their problem ....... call the router manufacturer ..... not their problem either.



    But by being persistant .... I was able to get enough info to not only prove to my ip that the problem was thiers, but was able to pretty much pinpoint for them what and where the problem was and eventually they fixed it.



    Let me say again ........... I still have issues with lag . But now its at least 10 times better than it was.



    Now .......... there is also a possibility there are issues in networks between you and them that neither of you have control over........... but it never hurts to find out for sure.

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    Believe it or not, I was getting Connection Interrupted in Combat Training a few days ago.

    One of the bots must have been host....

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    Believe it or not, I was getting Connection Interrupted in Combat Training a few days ago.

    One of the bots must have been host....

    I join your combat training games every now and then......wondering if you ever notice.....haha

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    No way. Although that would explain every once in awhile the bots all of the sudden getting a 7 killstreak...

    i fail at signatures

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    I kept a continuous ping and speed test going while playing black ops 2 last night. When I saw "Connection interrupted" a looked at the results and I'm still 15MB download, 2MB upload. The problem isn't my internet service or equipment. While the connection was interrupted my avatar was actually moving backward and getting shot up without me using the controller. The way I see it, there are other game platforms and Microsoft can do without my business.