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    After talking to my friend about it , I think I know why many people have a strong dislike to Ghost . In previous Call of Duty games (WaW , CoD 4 and MW2 ) to be hidden from radar you had to give up Stopping Power , But in Black Ops you don't have to give up a MAJOR perk . And in my experience most people who are using Ghost have been camping , And when you are camping you don't need Lightweight , Scavenger or Hardline because you can just pick up another gun or wait for one more kill and if your camping why would you use a perk that increases Sprint speed ?

    Stopping Power was a pretty helpful perk and trading that for stealth could mean an extra 1 or 2 bullets to kill someone . If from the start Ghost had been a Second Perk or Stopping Power had been in the game I think alot less people would be complaining about it (With the exception of people who complain for the sake of it)

    I know that the Ghost argument is "Old News" but I want to hear your thoughts on why people dislike Ghost or other perks/weapons.

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    Pretty much my thoughts are aligned with yours.

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    My favorite people are the ones who complain about Ghost, even when there's no UAV or air support up.


    But yes, I agree, it should be a second or third tier perk in Black Ops.

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    pretty much my argument.  in the last 3 games you had to give up either SP or Jugg, in BO you dont have to give up anything that useful.

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    I dont complain about ghost.  Probably because i use it.  Heehee

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    U said theres no MAJOR perk u have to give up in order to use Ghost? What about Hardline? I think theres alot more people using Hardline instead of Ghost lately. Me personally I use whatever is better map/mode. Only difference is, when i use Ghost I dont camp around. I like running around flanking the other team undetected and shooting down killstreaks since no one else seems to care.

    I think hate for Ghost comes from the fact that it can be annoying getting their killstreaks shot down before they can earn a crazy amount of kills. Or, they simply hate getting shot from the invisible guy when they're 1 kill away from a Blackbird. I love doing that ish

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    Played the hardline perk since the beginning and I put in a lot of hours.  Hardline probably helps your stats, but nothing is more satisfying then flanking the enemy and kill them in the back.  Never used a silencer, but using it now.  Just have to be cautious of the guy who is hiding waiting you to pass by.  Maybe I'm bored, but the ghost perk is a lot more fun.    

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    As elpresador said, "ghost users can't handle confrontation."

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    People like something to complain about, there are worse things in this game.

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    I don't really complain about it anymore. I use to. I mean, it's ridiculous where it's at in it's perk spot. Many times, today even, I'm playing search, I get a spy plane and use it the next round-- ALL 6 people are ghost. If there's not going to be a more definitive perk to counter ghost than I think they should disallow people who use ghost to be able to use spy planes, as well. But hey, when there's not a spy plane up, they're at a complete disadvantage. I feel the same way about people who use second chance, too. Until you die, or until there's a spy plane up, you're only using 2 perks. I have a m14, grenade launcher, scout pro class with Rpgs now for whenever I run into tons of people using ghost.

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    People like something to complain about, there are worse things in this game.

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    Less air support being main player and less ghost perk.  I use ghost to avoid air support main player people.  

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    people need to grow up and stop ***.

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    ghost is useless against my friends and i, we all use uav counter uav and blackbird and generally 4 of us will get atleast 1 blackbird.

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    Yes, let's cry about something that isn't going to change in this game.....


    Maybe it's because I mainly play hardcore where most people use ghost, but I've never seen the real problem with it. Actually, it's really easy to see and shoot someone while not depending on radar or killstreaks to make my job easier.


    How about you play your way and I'll play mine? It is just a game after all.


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    Edit: And most ghost users are not campers. I see more flak jacket campers than ghost campers. Every shooter has it's runners and it's campers. I enjoy flanking with ghost. It's surprising how many kills one can get on the perimeter of a map.