Does Anyone Know If Is True about Sif

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    Is It True u can let Sif The Great Grey Wolf be spared with the mission of the cavinant from the cat to get his cool sword of cource character size if anyone can tell me if it is true or not plzz let me now also add me up lvl 34 thief loocking for other players to help me out and enjoy the game i got 25 humanity on my character soo far have 200 points item discovering with out the ring i have not gotten the ring yet 

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    No, you can't. You have to kill Sif, no two ways about it. It will not break the covenant of the forest hunters, nor will they give you any special tasks other than invading kids in the forest trying to farm. To get any sword from Sif you have to use his soul to make them.

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    You have to ascend Weapons to get the sword, There are two swords possible from this soul,

    -Greatsword of Artorius Reinforced broken Straighsword of +10 or Straightsword then ascend with his soul.