Can I STORE weapons?

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    I know I have that mini safe behind the TV in my apartment, but how can I STORE stuff in it?

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    just drop them on the floor

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    I just dropped mine on the floor of my apartment and yes they DO stay there.

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    I've been dropping my stuff on the floor as well.  Its all still there.

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    Same, I dropped a Rocket Launcher in my Apartment before going to Hengsha, and now back in detroit and it is still there. Deus Ex has always done that too, makes me wonder if that is how the dev's want you to store things

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    i been wondering the same thing. i wonder if you can drop it anywhere in the world and it stays there? thanks for the info though guys!

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    Drop them on the ground, they'll always be there when you return.

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    ... If only all games would keep dropped items where they fell ........!!