The Throwdown and The Last Straw achievement question

    • Level   5

    When do these conversations take place? I just beat the game tonight and realized I missed these somewhere along the way and so I wanna make sure I dont miss them again on my next playthrough. Please and thanks.

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    • Level   5

    The throw down is when you speak to Bill Taggart at the convention Center in the early part of the game. All you need to do is smooth talk him by using refocus but I would suggest you check the game play out for this achievement on YouTube before replaying the game. Note: some achievements will need to have more than one game play through.

    Your next section is when you find Sandoval right after you speak with Taggart because its part of this side quest. Again, you will need to talk Sandoval out of killing himself by showing him all the good he’s done. Again, check you tube out before trying these two achievements.

    Note: There are some two for one achievements as well in this game. I am now on my 4th play through and will need to play this game at least 10 time overall to get all these achievements. This is the only bad part of this game having no chapter reply.