Weapons and a mage?

    • Level   3

    Does a weapon have any damage affect on his "A" slot skills?  If not, what's the point?  I'm confused....

    • Level   5

    The weapons stats will have an impact on the characters damage. Int, +poison, +fire, etc

    • Level   1

    Spells do damage based on a % of the damage your weapon does.

    For example: My Vampiric Steel Wand of flame does 15-24 damage, and my magic missile attack does 150% of weapon damage. So every time I attack with that, I will deal between 22.5 and 36 damage to the target.

    If you go into your options menu, you'll find a 'Show Advanced Tooltips' option. If you check that box and then go back to your skills, you'll see that they now all reference Weapon Damage.

    • Level   2