Flame of Vengeance & Dragon Knight Saga

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    I'm not sure if I played these expansions? I played the original game, Ego Draconis.

    But I'm beginning to guess I need to buy the Xbox Live version in order to play them and enjoy it.

    So I'm wondering if there are different versions of this game or it comes with the game I currently have. I need some input.

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    Well, this is super late but Dragon Knight Saga is a combined edition of a remastered Ego Draconis game and its sequel Flame of Vengeance. My brand new copy included the soundtrack for the game.

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    To try to avoid spoilers - the SAGA version automatically starts up "Flames of vengeance" directly after the first part would have ended - including keeping all loot / stats you had from first section, and all your choices in the Battle tower.

    You may start "flames of Vengeance" at that point where first one ended  however as a new game. - they pre-define specific details such as who you "selected" as "trainers", and you cannot goto the first parts, and Your character is generated at that point - basic armor, no weapons, minimal money You have your "battle tower" but kinda useless at that point with no stones or things to upgrade, and start at a specific level of character (I think 35 but may be based on how you played on part 1)

    It would be best to play it from start I would say

    However would like to know if there is any "new content" if you started from "flames of Vengeance" point - let me know guys