Storage locker codes

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    Here are all of the codes for the storage lockers and doors.  Note that some codes found in some sections are used in others. 


    Doom 3

    Cabinet 001: 396

    Cabinet 003: 483

    Cabinet 009: 752

    Cabinet 013: 586

    Cabinet 017: 347

    Cabinet 023: 531

    Cabinet 038: 409

    Cabinet 039: 102

    Cabinet 047: 123

    Cabinet 048: 123

    Cabinet 049: 123

    Cabinet 054: 246

    Cabinet 054 (second): 142

    Cabinet 054 (third): 631

    Cabinet 063: 972

    Cabinet 064: 651

    Cabinet 071: 532

    Cabinet 078: 364

    Cabinet 079: 364

    Cabinet 103: 259

    Cabinet 104: 579

    Cabinet 108: 847

    Cabinet 112: 538

    Cabinet 114: 715

    Cabinet 116: 972

    Cabinet 116 (second): 624

    Cabinet 117: 624

    Cabinet 213: 371

    Cabinet 215: 298

    Cabinet 317: 841

    Cabinet 386: 836

    Cabinet 387: 836

    Cabinet 452: 571

    Cabinet 666: 372

    Cabinet 669: 468

    Cabinet 965: 428

    Cabinet 21D: 298

    CPU Lab A: 627

    Double-Barrel Case: 731

    Level 3 Access: 463

    Mars City Armory: 584

    Martian Buddies 1 and 2: 0508

    Monorail Airlock: 826

    Plasma Storage: 734

    Security Chief Door: 931

    Storage 07: 725

    Valve 1 Terminal: 842

    Weapons Storage 1 and 2: 584

    Doom 3: Lost Missions

    Cabinet 054: 631

    Cabinet 071: 532

    Cabinet 104: 579

    Cabinet 108: 847

    Cabinet 805: 372

    Cabinet 806: 372

    Cabinet 965: 429

    Shotgun Cabinet: 731

    Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil

    Cabinet 029: 516

    Cabinet 034: 134

    Cabinet 035: 134

    Cabinet 042: 714

    Cabinet 105: 769

    Cabinet 116: 634

    Cabinet 117: 634

    Cabinet 407: 937

    Cabinet 408: 937

    Double-Barrel Case: 731

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    Why bother the people who havnt played this before are missing out if they dont read the emails and listen to the audio logs.

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    I'll tell you why.  Because some of us have played through Doom 3 and ROE many times before and we don't want to listen to and read the things we've heard and seen before.  Because this way it's a list easily accessed when going through the game again.  Also when somebody is going for the achievement for beating game fast, this makes it even easier.  I posted the list for myself and a friend number one.  Whomever uses it uses it.  In the past I would write down the codes after I figured them out for later playthroughs.  This is way more efficient.  To everyone, don't read and use them if it creates issues.

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    Also some of the PDA's are well hidden.  I've been through the game many times and search each area quite thoroughly, but have yet to find them all.  I too think people need to listen to and read each PDA's content for the story, but I also think they should be able to access cabinets even if they can't find the relevant PDA.  Some people have a lot more trouble with the game and need a little more help.  I'm not going to dog them if they access cabinets if they can't find a PDA.  Then there's the Nightmare achievements.  In that difficulty, people are going to need all the help they can get.  Getting the supplies in each cabinet might be the difference in getting the achievement or not.

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    Ive finished it on nightmare on pc too its no sweat, you sound a bit too highly strung to me why not get out more often and just chill.

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    Lol now we're even then because you sounded waaaay too high strung when you first posted haha.  Get out more often and just chill?  You don't know me.  Please don't act like you do.  Your gamerscore is half the size of mine.  Maybe you should follow your own words?  Also you didn't address everything I said.  You only made a negative remark.  Once you address the things I said rationally in a smart manner, I'll take you seriously.

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    FWIW, I appreciate that Thookins took the time to post this. I've already used these a couple of times. Sometimes I find the PDAs, but sometimes I don't. Nice that I can look and here and get the codes. I don't see how this post is bothering anyone. If you don't want the codes, don't read this post.

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    Ha you really think your gamerscore means anything thats priceless you sad person.

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    LMAO you don't get it haha.  I feel so sad for how you're able to interpret things.. or lack thereof lol.  You said I needed to get out more often.  I said your gamerscore was half that mine, meaning you have no room to talk about getting out more.  Clearly you spend a lot of time gaming too, not to mention your a level 3 forum poster.  Maybe you need to get out more and spend less time posting negative stuff.  Or if you do post stuff, please think a little harder lol.

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    You know Metalion that there are people like me that come to the forums to get tips and help from more experienced gamers like you and Thookins. No need to be putting him down because he took the time to put up some good information. Take your own advice and chill out a little.

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    I think everyone needs to chill out in this thread attacking other members of the forums is not allowed I would suggest everyone stay on subject or this thread may be locked.

    Post 'as is' and confers no rights

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    Please follow the xbox.com forum rules as seen Here.

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    You're 100% right.  I knew even before I posted the cabinet codes, that somebody would take issue with it.  Sadly on these forums the majority of people come on to argue.  All I wanted to do is be helpful and post something to help my fellow gamers.  As seen in this thread my post helped somebody already, and gave another an outlet to be negative.  Please everyone just move on if you take issue with the codes being out there.  They're helping people.  Negative comments are not.

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    Perhaps you could have entitled it "SPOILERS". An outlet to be negative really? I dont think so. Big gamer score? I dont think so ive been a gold member for 6 years so id say its pretty small. If you knew someone would object then why not man up and take it on the chin.

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    Thats "METALI0N"

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    No "spoilers" was not needed lol.  The thread's title says it all.  Then when you see all the numbers, it's beyond clear.  Nobody's going to see a code and remember it when they run into the cabinet days later.. if they even do.  Your gamerscore is pretty large even if it was accumulated over the course of six years.  Other people would tell you the same thing.  At least you finally got was I was saying haha. And yes these forums are a great outlet for people such as yourself to be negative.  People just come here to argue about things everyday.  Why did I respond to you if I knew somebody like you would respond negatively?  Because I enjoy telling 'glass-half-empty' people how truly ridiculous they are.  So thanks for the back-and-forth friend.

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