DD Dark Arisen 2 discs

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    Hi im new to this game (never played dragons dogma before) so i find out the game came with 2 discs. disc One: GAME DISC, and disc 2: INSTALL DISC. This doesnt tell me wich should i play, or install fisrst to play for the first time Dragons Dogma. Can anyone tell me please how can i play for first time the game? I mean wich disc or what do i install to play the game before the expansion?

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    To get both games on play disk they had to lower textures on original, so install HD texture pack from disk 2 then play disk 1 and you should be good to start...

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    Just a Note- Disc 2 is an Install from actually playing the Disc, not an Install from the Dashboard. Simply put in Disc 2 and press play, it will walk you through the rest. Disc 1 can still be Installed via the Dashboard like any other Game from Game Details (X Button).

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    thanks a lot :)

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    weres orla??

    I bought dd dark arisen.it came with the add on disc,that contains a Japanese voice over and graphics. I tried loading old games,starting a new game on hard mode.when i go to the pier orla still is not there,i waited all night. is this something i don't know/did wrong or a software issue,please help!