The Hive: Part 2. Stuck again! (Spoilers)

    • Level   5

    I am in a room full of Octabrains being held in containment. There is a box of explosives and a hole in front of the box. If I go down this hole, I die. There is also an open plant which is impossible to reach. If I do reach that plant, I don't know how it's possible, it'll transport me somewhere.


    I have been stuck in this room for a while now and I have no idea what to do. The door behind me is locked. It locked immediately when I came into the room.


    Please help me!

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    • Level   5

    Throw a pipe bomb onto the plant and it'll bounce off it towards one of those glowing ball creatures who will then curl up and roll in your direction.


    • Level   2

    I too am stuck here. I threw the pipe bombs directly at the creature and didn't do anything. If what you say works, why make the gameplay more frustrating than challenging. See if this works.

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    • Level   5

    As per DigiLuigi's post

    "Throw a pipe bomb onto the Plant....."


    The "woodlouse" type creatures roll into balls to activate door switches which you have to push them into.

    To make them curl you have to hurt them.

    In that particular area the woodlouse is visible just so you know he's there. Like a lot of areas in the hive there are "windows".

    I guess created from some form of alien secretion. If you look right at that louse he has a window in front of him if you look carefully. It's so you know he's there but you cant get him straight on.


    Chuck a pipe bomb over the pit and at the plant. It will bounce up behind the louse from the other way / other side of the window. Blow it up and he will roll down to your feet.

    IMO it really isn't that hard.

    Besides Duke has always been about finding your way. IMO there are a lot easier to lose your way moments later on in the game and this ones hardly a tricky puzzle in the grand scheme of other games you can play? You might find yourselves struggling even more later on.

    • Level   3

    Before you throw the pipe bomb at the plant make sure to lay some trip mines for when the octobrains emerge from their pods. Cause those things are annoying to fight if there are more than two at a time.

    • Level   5

    Shotty take out the Octos with 2 hits.