Watcher In The Wings Syembol Locations

    • Level   7

    Hey all I thought I might help you guys out by posting this map of the locations of the symbols from the mystery guy. Here you go. Hope this helps.

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    • Level   5

    Don't forget to throw a remote batarang at him from a distance if u see him before grappling over to him to try to kick his @@@... You will get the Catch achievement

    • Level   7

    I missed doing that darn it.

    • Level   8

    Oh that explains why i didn't get it i used a regular batarang.

    • Level   6

    does he only show up at the locations at a certain point in the story or is he always there till u find him ps got him at locations 2 and 4

    • Level   1

    im alittle lost here as well, i have 2 and 4, but cant find him at the others, ideas?

    • Level   7

    @Dracoparadox I posted a map in my first post were the other two locations are. Hope that helps.

    • Level   1

    i went to those locations, are they relevant to the story line progression? if so im at the part where im destroying disruptors...

    • Level   7

    They might be then.

    • Level   4

    Awesome I've been having the hardest time trying to find him

    • Level   7

    @Martymar82 anythiing to help you guys out.

    • Level   1

    is he always there waiting for u or what

    • Level   4 here is more detailed info

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