Riddler Trophy in The Bowery

    • Level   2

    Sorry.  Didn't see that the above video is for the Bowery hub.  But those videos are helping me get all the riddles and stuff.

    KoB 4 LIFE!

    • Level   1

    So helpful, cheers guys!

    • Level   4

    "use your zoom on the middle one and detonate, only that one will blow. then the first one then the last one. bingo, all done. another player told me the solution."

    The sad thing is that this ability is documented in the game itself under Gadgets->Explosive Gel.  D'OH!  Thanks for setting me straight.  Yep, I'm very late to this party.

    • Level   1

    Wow, i was stuck on this back when the game first came out! I'm gonna pop this game in and get that trophy