How To Use Crossbows?

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     Hi everyone! This may sound like a stupid question, but how in the world do I use my crossbow? I purchased a few arrows and equipped them along with my bow... But it doesn't seem to work! I chose to be a Knight, so maybe he can't use crossbows?

     I want to start attacking the gigantic red dragon that's defending the bridge early in the game (although I did find the passage underneath the bridge). I'm at level 20 now and it doesn't seem like I'm progressing much... 

     Any help would greatly be appreciated!  

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    First of all, you need a BOW, NOT a crossbow. You CANT manually aim a crossbow, you can only lock on to a target and shoot at them.

    You need the bow, and once you get a bow, you get the arrows, and then, you equipt it to your right hand. Then you press the right bumper to pull the bow out, and then you hit the left bumper to manually aim the bow, right bumper is how you shoot the bow once your aiming. Shoot the lower part of the dragons tail from under the bridge, and you will automatically get the drake sword, which will carry you through a big chunk of the game. Im on lvl 54 and im STILL using the drake sword. ITS AWESOME!!

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    Thanks for the quick reply! Can't wait to try this out!

    But first I've got to kill the two massive gargoyles! URGH! I died there and want to regain my souls. I had the help of one of the NPC Knights (one who worships the sun) but he died in combat... I'm at level 22 but I think with a bit of luck I can take them on myself. :(

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    Hey when the sun knight died in combat did u get anything off his body? I know if u kill him after u talk to him, u get his armor or sword or shield or something.

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    More importantly, does he come back  at all if he died?...

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