Can't join other people's games? All greyed out.

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    I'm trying to join some other people's games so I can play a bit of co-op, but it won't let me join anyone's games.

    I'm past the prologue. I played through Chapter 1, trying to join games every 5 minutes till I got to chapter 2, and still the same. Every game lobby is greyed out, and I can't join. I try to do the Quick Match option, and still every time it says "No game with similar game progress has been found."

    I've never had any online matchmaking problems. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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    I can't join anything either. I'm still on chapter 1 and only did the first quest, personally, but I still get results of upwards of 200 people in a related area of progression, and I have yet to be able to join a game.. However, it seems I have the option to INVITE people, but I can't invite total strangers without at least introducing myself, and none of my friends have it yet.

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    Basically that echoes my experience.

    I have a friend that has the game, and I can invite him into a game... but he's busy, so I wanted to just jump in a random game, which doesn't work. Despite the fact, like you said, there being over 150 apparent matches.

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    I cant even send invites to my friend

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    My friend and I were in a game together and then his power went out and ever since then we can't invite each other to a game, it's all grayed out. He joined a random persons game and then for some reason the game invite worked. Not sure what's happening but it's pretty frustrating.

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    Servers are probably over capacity at the moment. Servers should work just fine after day one patch.

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    Servers? I thought the game run on P2P, not dedicated servers.

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    Same issue for me. Send me a friend request if you guys have no one to play with. None of my friends are getting this. They all claim its a L4D ripoff... pfft, yea. Valve invented killing zombies apparently.

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    Ya I just got a new account and xbox just for this game only to find out the online is broken atm, eh I am sure it will work itself out soon. Please add me I am new the whole rpg thing would like some partners to go exploring with :)

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    Same problem here, but it seems when they're on my friends list I can join! =/

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    Anyone can feel free to add me as well, the drop in out feature is what made me purchase this seeing as none of my friends have this.

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    Working just fine for me =)

    Feel free to add me for co-op as well. Im on Chapter 7 right now, but I dont mind helping other people out who havent gotten as far too.

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    Same issue here. After about 2 hours of sending request to my friend, finally one allowed us to play together. Not a good start to a game that is heavy on the coop side.

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    I've had no issues at all. Me and my homie joined each others game easily. He sent me an invite to join his and there we went.

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    Most of these problems stem from the progress restrictions the game puts on people joining each other.  It's not a bug, it's simply the way coop has been structured.  I believe as long as the person with the least amount of core story progress hosts, everyone can join him/her until everyone is caught up.