Plane crash!!!

    • Level   7

    Does anyone know where the plane crash is yet? I'm on chapter 4 or something like that and still can't find it >=[

    • Level   1

    Haven't seen it yet but am awaiting how it fits into the story. Great game so far.

    • Level   2

    The plane crash is in the jungle over by the life guard tower. You will see it on your radar.

    • Level   8

    Thank you CurlyPoopSkid. I will remember this when I get there!

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    • Level   7

    Um I still don't see it >.<

    • Level   2

    Did you unlock the lifeguard tower? When you get in the garage you will hear the radio, it is the pilot of the plane calling for a mayday. The plane goes right over the top of you into the jungle, it will be on your radar after that.

    • Level   7

    Yeah I'm pretty far now! some one said you can't get it till your get the quest to go into the jungle?

    • Level   2

    You can't get to the plane crash until you get to the jungle...which is after you play through the city. In other words, it's in Act III.

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    *** that sucks.........o well the zombies r worth it

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    Act 3 after the City.  

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    • Level   7

    You do not reach it till around chapter 8 or so I think, it is late into the game. One of the things I don't like about the game is how one person gives you a quest that is in a completly different area on the map making you travel back and forth.

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    • Level   1

    Im on chapter 15 and no plane crash I think you have to find it on your own.

    • Level   6

    It dose show up on you map if/when you get near it, just do the jungle quests sooner or later one of them will lead you near enough to it.



    • Level   5

    it shows up in act 3, until then it isnt accessible.

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