Weapon Storage?

    • Level   2

    Is there anywhere you can store/save weapons??

    • Level   5

    At the beginning of Act 2 you meet a girl named Jin.  You can put your stuff in her :)

    • Level   3

    be warned its a bit glitchy and you can return to her to find all your stuff gone.

    Tales of Vesperia is the way forward.

    • Level   5

    The other thing is, without giving spoilers, there are sections of the game when she's not available, so you won't be able to retrieve it at those times.  I've never found a huge need for storage, since there's no limit on how many upgrade items you can carry, and most of the weapons get outclassed and have to be sold anyway.

    • Level   1

    The only storage is Jin .....

    But if you want to play the game again you can't have ur weapons .. with out spoling it , you have to take ur weapons before the very last quest ...

    Also the glitch is when your back bac is FULL and you keep taking things from Jin they will just dissapear