Speaker mission

    • Level   5

    I'm on the side mission where I have to turn on the speakers around town.

    Did the 1st one, but the second says travel to the "abandoned house".

    Which I do, but once inside, and after killing the zombies in there, there is a ladder which seems to go to a trapdoor to the roof, but I am not able to climb it, not even getting a prompt??

    Anyone else?

    • Level   4

    My memory is hazy but I think it's on the side of the abandoned house.  You have to access the speaker from the roof and climb down the side of the building. The speaker is enclosed in a fence on the side of the building.

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    • Level   5

    OK, thanx

    • Level   3

    In the later speakers the way to get to them is not always clear so you have to look around, the whole building in some cases.

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    • Level   5

    Yeah - sometimes you need to climb a different building than the speakers are on.  Then, jump on some wooden beams to get to tthe building you need to.  Good Luck.  It can be tricky finding those ladders when being swarmed by the undead.


    • Level   2

    This is annoying, seems to a tendency for the dotted trail to confuse rather than aid the gamer. It is to the right of the abandoned house, so the map has the white circle to the left of the ladder - sorry it's rough but the game hides the ladder well!

    • Level   5

    I think this one has a couple of boxes that you can pick up and throw, theyre blocking an entryway.  When you move them, you can get to a switch on the wall.  I think this is the one you're referring to.  It's the "Nick's House" with the repair bench, I think...