treasure goblin portal (minor spoilers)

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    according to the lore entry, its made mention that its possible to enter the goblin's portal & enter the realm of greed.?


    is this true & is it something that requires something else for it to happen?


    I usually just kill the little bugger before he jumps back through. heh heh.



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    just a legend from the olden days of the pc version. however they r coming out with an expansion and there is going to be some sort of loot run at the end of the game, maybe they will incorporate the gobs portal.

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    ..yeah when I bought the game last year we thought it might be 'Whimsyshire' as the Goblin realm. The expansion must have a portal because Goblins make the game better on so many levels!

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    yeah they remind me so much of the legendary loot midgets from borderlands 2

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    Afraid not.. Sorry

    The loot run consists of dungeons, which you access as a game mode from the main menu, each last about 20 mins depending on your characters etc.

    also i cannot see them even attempting to create something like that, they still havent done PvP which was promised at launch to be included in base game version (if thats incorrect, apologies!)

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    there is a pvp battle arena

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    This is a little off topic but ive noticed 2-3 different kinds of teasure goblins does anyone know the differce between them if any? loot drop or more gold from certian kind for instance.

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    gold/money, silver/weapon and red's/gems.  I might have red and silver mixed(doubt it though)