Armour Types (Insect Armageddon)

    • Level   5

    Which armour type will you choose first?


    - Battle

    - Tactical

    - Trooper

    - Jet



    Curious to see which type of armour you guys (and gals) are looking forward to and why! I'm choosing the battle armour first 'cause I like getting in the thick of it! Right in the centre of the battle, face to face with some six-eyed alien insect freaks! :)

    • Level   1

    Tactical I like the whole dropping turrets thing. Next class I would try is jet.

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    • Level   7

    I love the Jet class. Haven't tried the tactical class yet. Not a fan of the trooper and heavy as their abilities don't seem as cool as a jetpack.

    • Level   4

    Tried 'em all. Three at level 8 so far and my favorite is the trooper hands down.

    Heavy is second.

    Rocket man and Tactical guy are ok... but weak.

    • Level   1

    I roll Tactical. It's all about those turrets with me.  I tried Battle once...liked it.  Haven't had a go with the other two yet.

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    • Level   2

    I'm digging tactical. Not only can I drop turrets, but improve the terrible radar. And who doesn't like proximity mines? (Other than third world children, but I'm pretty sure they're not playing this game).

    I tried the Jet, but honestly once the novelty wore off it was just a weak character that couldn't do much.

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