• Level   8

    I have it.....played it....having a BLAST!!!!! Just shoot kill shoot kill shoot kill........thats all I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry i'm better then you. I was just born this way.

    • Level   1

    I also am loving this game. People comparing it to 2017 and saying it doesn't measure up should go back and play 2017 again and remind themselves of just how flawed it was in comparison.


    I have only two minor complaints about IA


    1. The Bots are friggin retarded and are constantly shooting you - It gets annoying. 80% of the time I'm trying to plant explosives on an ant mount I get sprayed by shotgun and missile fire.


    2. The slowdown when tons of enemies are on the screen really screws with the active reload. I'm always missing it because of the slowdown... right when I really need it the most too.

    • Level   5

    I think this game is good, but I agree but it doesn't compete with 2017.

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