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  • Forum Thread: fable 2 controls help

    hey when i walk up to someone i get that black thing at the top where it says their name and the slider between smiley face and a heart but even when i walk away from them i can't get rid of this unless theres a cutscene or i go to a different place so is there any button i can press to get rid of...
  • Forum Thread: I need the book of jump for my dog

    Help me, please i need this book, i can hand over anything!
  • Forum Thread: Wanting to buy all Hero Dolls! Pleeaassseee!

    Willing to pay any amount of gold for a doll, or anything anyone is wanting... thats if i can get hold of it. this is the last achievement needed. I have the normal Hero doll that i got out of the chest in the chamber of fate but as i am rubbish on the shooting rage and cant find any of the others in...
  • Forum Thread: ask or write if anyone need help with fable 2 archivments.

    the kolorist, keys, gargoyles, perfektion or the dolls this is all no problem:)
  • Forum Thread: Fable 2 - Cannot get Guild/Ancestor Chest Items

    Hello there. I am hoping someone can provide some assistance. I have been trying without success to access the content that is available from the Guild/Ancestor Chest in Fable 2. I have tried without any success. In fact, the whole site appears to be broken. Doing some searching has revealed...
  • Forum Thread: Bartender Job?

    I was wondering when exactly the Bartender Job becomes available because I just recently started up a new game again, I'm in bowerstone and have already five stared the blacksmith job but I really want to five star the bartender job too. Does anybody know at what point in the game it becomes available...
  • Forum Thread: Looking for Co-Op partner for achieves, as well as Dolls.

    Just started playing this game a couple days ago. I have 5 Lucien Dolls for trade and not much else. I was wanting to do a 1 for 1 type of deal for the Dolls, you know something like the following: 1 Lucien for 1 Hammer 1 Lucien for 1 Garth 1 Lucien for 1 Theresa 1 Lucien for 1 Reaver...
  • Forum Thread: Does anyone still Play Fable II?

    Hey everyone, Wow my first post. Anyways.. does anyone still play Fable II?
  • Forum Thread: Fable 2 Hero dolls

    Im looking for the fable 2 dolls i have the hero/theresa/garth and i just need the other three for the collection. can anyone help. I will trade them back and give 500,000 gold and kick in the three i have.
  • Forum Thread: conseguir lo que me falta

    tengo la edicion de fable 2 clasics, alguien sabe donde conseguir una expresion que me falta creo que es la de Ataque fingido, y tambien como conseguir el traje de pollo, sobre las muñecas tengo 3 la de reaver, theresa y garth I have the edition of fable 2 clasics , anyone know where to get...
  • Forum Thread: The Fable II "Corruption"

    Recently, I purchased roughly $600 worth of Xbox 360 games for my new Xbox. I've played some of almost every one, but one really worrisome thing happens when I insert Fable II. After just a few minutes of game play, every single time, my Xbox 360 will start to make this really loud, irritating sound...
  • Forum Thread: Fable 2, reaver doll one needed

    Hey if someone could give me the eaver doll, id gladly then give you ALL the dolls back once my achievement unlocked (witch i would imagine would be as soon as you send it to me) so you could unlock the achievement too. Thanks My GamerTag is xXGingerBoiXx Message me if you want to help.
  • Forum Thread: Fable 2: DLC for Czech republic N/A

    Why there isn't available any downloadable content for Fable 2 in Czech republic? The game is translated and add-ons are not available? Why? I'd like to spend 1360 MSP for See the Future and The Knothole Island add-ons even in English version. Wouldn't be bothered. But when people cannot...
  • Forum Thread: Donate any unused items for the less fortunate?

    I play Fable 2 ALOT (It is the best game of all time) I just started a new game and I was wondering since there isn't much people who even play it anymore, that someone would be as generous to donate some items, weapons, gold or anything to me? If so please leave a response. :D
  • Forum Thread: Hals armor

    i bought the Limmited edition and didnt get a code can i get one for free b/c i heard there was a problem with shipping them out
  • Forum Thread: Any takers to play Fable 2 with me? :)

    I just got it yesterday and I want someone to play the game with! I'm pretty shy... So, I'm really out of my comfort zone asking... But I'd love a partner in crime(: