Fear 3 Gamestop Pre-order Issue

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    I picked up 3 today and was expecting them to give me 2 as well. That was the main incentive to get #3 so I could play some of the preceding story 'cause I haven't played any of them. Anyway, the clerk said they only shipped them 4 copies of #2......4 COPIES!!?!? She then proceeded to tell me that it was for the earliest people who picked theirs up. No, I read the offer online and it didn't say jack *** about limited quantities, all it said was if I was picking it up in-store that it would be there. So in the end all she could give me for free was a copy of the Lego Batman/Pure bundle.....1.) I've had lego batman for over a year now, 2.) I don't give two shits about racing. I took it though seeing as it was free, I'll probably just sell it. Anyone else have this issue? I would like to know!

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    I know it seems cool these days to hate on Gamestop, but seriously, I hate Gamestop. Their company practises there annoy the crap out of me, and this is why I haven't been to their store in 6 months. If I can avoid getting my games there, I will. Anyways, enough of the rants. Sorry you didn't get your game, and you're right, It never said limited supply, it said everyone who pre-orded would receive Fear 2, and you didn't. If this isn't criminally wrong, I don't know what is. Did you're copy atleast come with the "Hammer" gun that was also a pre-order bonus?

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    Yes!!! They can't take away my slightly better pistol that I can't use for normal combat!!! XD

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    hammer?  ha ha    same gun as the best buy offer but a different color.   i got fear 2 with mine....BUT i am really disliking gamestop and their little schemes.  pre-order and get an in game weapon?  what?  lame.   i am pissed about the leaderboards not updating though.

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