Fear 3,what do you think?

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    Hi guys, I've reached Interval 5 so I thought it would be a good time to take a break and find out what other people think about the new entry in the series.So post your comments below cheers.
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    I don't have the game yet, but i just wanted to know if it is scarier/creepier?

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    I beat the game last night, and am now playing through as Fettel.  I will say that I did enjoy it, but it's not scary - maybe creepy, but by the end I just felt like I played a supernatural shooter with fun power-based kills.  I do think that the story flowed pretty well, but one interval had me kind of scratching my head (you haven't gotten there yet, but it has to do with memories).

    I wish the series made me jump more like the first one.  Maybe I just kind of expect Alma to jump out and pinch me by now.

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    Hi JennySparkles,when it comes to scarier/creepier it was never going to top the first one(my opinion) however so far it totally tops the second one.

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    In my opinion its the weakest of the Fear games in terms of story and atmosphere, which surprised me because of John Carpenters involvement. That said, what saves this game is that the combat is still just as fun as ever, with an interesting ranking system in which you level up through challenges during single player and multiplayer. And then you have a second playable character which gives the game re-playability even if you aren't into multiplayer. All in all I'm not sorry I got this game day one, but the Fear franchise has been at a steady decline since the original Fear in my humble opinion. I hope Condemned 3 doesn't suffer the same fate if they do make another one...but that's a whole 'nother topic.

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    aint played previous titles but do love the change in fps approach it takes compared to other titles out,

    not easy to find ppl with mic to do coop jus arrogent amerocians or squeekers!

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    Would be great if the leaderboards updated.

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    AAKurnz , I am looking for people to play the co-op and multiplayer with. I am an adult gamer with a mic.

    Send me a friend request if you have time on the weekend to get a game in

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    I'm enjoying Fear 3, but I din't think its a patch on Fear 2.  The main issue I have is with the fact that in number 2, the whole thing was a crazily enjoyable ride, in which the creators must've realised they couldn't get away with the same scary moments, so they tried something different, and it worked.  Fear 3 feels like a standard FPS, with some bits and bobs bolted-on.  That said, for what it is, its a good laugh, but I don't expect it to last.

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    I enjoy it but this is the first game that I haven't finished the campaign first before getting into the multiplayer modes. I love Soul King, F'in Run and Contractions is cool. The combat is nice and I'm looking forward to going through the campaign with my friend. Maybe I'm avoiding the campaign because I heard it was pretty short so I'm trying to make it last lol but it's definitely not scary, just a bit creepy at times, especially the one level when you go through the houses.

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    didn't see anything innovative...story continues to be incomprehensible.

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    its quiet interesting game. I think its like the original game.


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