FEAR 3 DM, TDM, CTF multiplayer DLC Petition

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    Hey everybody, there is a petition going out right now for anyone who would be willing to pay for the classic modes to come back, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag, as well as their slo-mo variants. With such incentives as new maps and even remakes of the original FEAR 1 maps. The deadline for the petition is 9-24-2011. If you are willing to pay for the DLC and want the modes back, then be sure to sign the petition by then.




    Sorry for double post in this forum, I just want people who visit either to know about it.

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    Those modes are both in fear and fear2. Why dull this game with more of the same? These game modes are actually fun.

    (Walks in and shoots ceiling) Everyone down! This is a thread hijack!
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    And i doubt an online petition will make a developer jump up and program game modes....plus fear 3 will be dead online in a month like fear 2 was.  second of all, why pay for online features when leaderboards dont update anyway?

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    These sorts of threads always make me giggle if not just because of the sheer futility of them.