F.E.A.R. reborn/fear 3 questions (spoilers)

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    I recently replayed all of the fear games before starting 3 and was confused about a few things. In reborn why was Alma trying to really kill foxtrot 813? In the other games it seemed to me that she was just toying with you, but it looked like she really wanted to kill 813. Also wouldn't Alma know that fettle wanted to get his body back and not attack him. Why did 813 look  like fettle?And what was the things the replica commander was saying about the other "impaired clones" like 813. Also I liked the Dlc, but did anyone else fell ripped off being that is was only an hour long and had no replay value.

    Onto fear 3 now, if fettle took 813's body how come isn't using it, why is he just a spirit? Why is point man in Mexico in the start of the game? What happened after Alma came onto the chopper at the end of fear 1? Why are the replicas under ATC's control and not Alma of fettle? What happened to ( cant spell name) G. Aristide? I think Beckett was killed off to easy, he was a powerful physic, why did he die so easy? I would have like to see some type of data like on fear 1 or 2 not dolls. And WTF happened at the end of the game? Why did they have to get rid of memories? Why didn't pont man kill Almas baby, how did fettle did if he is a ghost? And is alma dead? I am left with more questions then answers. Overall i liked the game but, am just confused at some of the story.

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    I think most if not all your questions can be answered by going to the Fear Wikipedia. Here is the address fear.wikia.com/.../F.E.A.R._Wiki

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    I can only answer alittle lmao sorry but

    1)Alma is dead she died both ending, Point=from pain of giving birth and His brother just eat her lmao

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