Firewall status restricted?

    • Level   1

    How can i change this because im struggling to play seasons because of it? cheers.

    • Level   8

    Have you tried opening ports on you router, I prefer to put my Xbox into DMZ which opens your Xbox up to the whole internet, works a treat :)


    • Level   3

    ^^^ Agree, works much better than opening ports to something that isn't necessary. It literally opens everything to xbox, as a trusted device. Should be able to change it in the advanced section of your router. Depending on your router, there should be an IP address that you type into the address bar, where it lets you log into router. Look for DMZ and put IP of your xbox 360 in. This can be found in the connection settings on your xbox. Simplest way to do it.

    • Level   5

    Try to Use UPNP instead of DMZ