Favorite Final Fantasy

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    El Final Fantasy XII

    Benjamin Maximiliano Buszczak

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    I am really enjoying playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 at the moment :)  Much better sequal than X-2!!

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    1. IX. The only thing I didn't have in that game was Steiners Ultima Weapon. I heard if you go for it, you'll miss a bunch of other important items/weapons/accessories. Which imo is dumb that they'd do that.


    2. All of them.

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    I have to say that VI or X was the best because X was my first and VI had the most different antagonist.

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    Final Fantasy VI all the way. Who can forget Kefka? Makes even The Joker look pathetic.

    But I did love FFXIII and XIII-2, but VI is still my favorite.

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    VI..... then 7. Kefka is the MAN.

    Kirisute Gomen

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    In order.

    VIII, VII, VI, X

    V and IV weren't bad, but didn't grab me.  Early ones I played some but got bored with story.  XII wasn't bad either, but it lacked something that the others had.  Haven't been able to finish 13 because it's just not right at all

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    I'll just do mini reviews for all the ones I have played.

    Well...going by the amount of hours I have played them

    It would have to be XII

    But after watching Star Wars ( the originals ie the good ones ) I noticed XII was so similar to star wars.

    Vaan, the orphaned kid in the middle of a desert

    Ashe the princess without a kingdon

    Balthier the "sky pirate" which is another way of saying han solo

    Fran chewbacca with less hair and bunny ears

    Basch Obi wan

    Penelo is essentially R2 - D2 really, why she is even there is beyond my comprehension


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    For me it has to be FF8, Though I had many game related dreams while playing FF7.

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    Definitely Final Fantasy VIII, one of the best games I have ever played. Final Fantasy VII is a close second though.