Favorite Final Fantasy

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    What's your favorite Final Fantasy? And which ones have you played?

    My favorites are XIII and IX. I love IX because it was my first Final Fantasy ever and the first mission is EPIC... Heh. XIII is my favorite... But i don't know why... While i don't consider it to be the best Final Fantasy out there, it is my favorite... Maybe it's the Battle System... I don't know.

    I've played:

    - Final Fantasy, iPhone

    - Final Fantasy II, iPhone

    - Final Fantasy III, iPhone

    - Final Fantasy VI, SNES

    - Final Fantasy VII, PSX

    - Final Fantasy XIII, Xbox 360

    Currently playing:

    - Final Fantasy V, PSX

    - Final Fantasy VIII, PSX

    - Final Fantasy IX, PSX

    Looking forward to play:

    - Final Fantasy IV, iPhone (Hopefully they'll remake it for the iPhone)

    - Final Fantasy X and X-2,  PS2

    - Final Fantasy XII, PS2

    - Final Fantasy XIII-2, Xbox 360




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    I´ve played FFI, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII, VII Dirge of Cerberus. My favourite is FFX, and FFXIII goes close too.

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    X was my absolute favourite with IX being a good second. XIII was okay once I started playing it a bit but I haven't yet been able to pull myself in to finish it.

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    I own them all & beat them all.

    My favorite one is Final Fantasy 6.

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    Out of all the Final Fantasy games I've played, FFIX is my favourite. The music, the plot, the characters... such a fantasy~

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    I really liked VIII.  All of the elements seemed to gel in my mind, and poke all of the right buttons.

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    I can't decide between XIII and X now.  ;-;

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    Final Fantasy X, loved it all the way.

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    I've played Final Fantasy II, IV, V, VII, VIII, X, X-II, XII and XIII ...

    all liked me an especially XIII.

    But no one took me the opposite in the Final Fantasy VIII (Squall and his friends) was one of the best renditions of Square Enix ... Here my opinion.

    Of course the next Final Fantasy Deveria be something like X, with card games and Blitzball ... is a suggestion for Square Enix.

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    X is my favourite, really liked XII and XIII though. I already beat XIII on the PS3, but I liked it so much I just picked up a good deal on the 360 version and will play it through again

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    Has to be IX and X for me... I recently polished off the ps2 and started playing X again, haven't really touched the xbox since! The sphere grid is such a good leveling system.

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    Final Fantasy VII i love the insane amount of summons not to mention the limit breaks

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    ff8 was the best one to me. did anyone else absolutely love the card mini-game. it was so addictive! i've wasted countless hours trying to get the rarest cards in my deck.

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    Final Fantasy XIII. It's also the first Final Fantasy game I've played, and loved everything about it. In fact it was the only reason why I brought a 7th generation console as it's for PS3 and 360. I brought a slim 250GB console and got a few other games. Decided with Xbox 360 since Microsoft is cool and has more premium service than PS3, and it looks more user friendly. XIII is also the first Final Fantasy game to use Square Enix Crystal Tools game engine. The graphics are... wow! The characters around your age. The battle system is praised by everyone. Looking forward to getting Final Fantasy XIII-2. I like Final Fantasy XIII Versus but it doesn't look like Square is ever going to release it. XIV and XI charge ripp-off monthly subscription fees.

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    I'm going to have to represent here and show some love for FFXII.  Right up there along with it are XIII, VII, and VIII, and X.