Bought game at kmart, saying insert authorized disc

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    I bought my game lastnight at kmart, and after playing for an hour i keep getting messages to insert authorized game disc. I bought a legal copy at an authorized retail store. How can i fix this?

    thanks, D

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    I would take it back and ask them for a new copy.

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    it was the last one they had, im more worried about getting banned for a false modded system than the game not working.

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    return it and go buy it somewhere else,you have gotten one of their "faulty" discs.

    try and get a print out/screen capture of the message saying its a faulty disc to take with you.

    you will get banned if you carry on using it as many others have already been.

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    ^^^ No.  It's too late.  You've been tagged and you'll be banned anyway.

    Thanks T10.  ;) :P


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    I've had "Can't read disc" too many times to count. It's frustrating as hell but I just deal with it.

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    now my gow3 is doing it, saying can not authorize disc. My forza was saying game disc is corrupted.

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    Post from Turn 10 on October 18:

    Again mentioned in Week in Review by Turn 10, October 21:

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    Forza 4 and GoW 3 are both on new XGD3 formated DVDs that give the developers about 1GB of extra space. That's why Forza 4 takes up 7,6GB when it's installed and it also makes the drive spin for about 1-2 mins even when the game is installed.

    MS said that some drives, particular the older ones from the pre HDMI era may have issues with these discs. IIRC they even promised replacements for gamers that have said versions of the drive/360.

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    ^ I was in the beta of that format. I wish it was a game that I didn't owned and played before. If they where going give us. HALO;REACH. they should inculed all the DLC at the time.