Unicorn car - forzamotorsport 4

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    I bought the VIP pack forza motorsport 4, but I did not receive the unicorn car, as shown in the VIP package.

    How should I do?

    Thank you for your help

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    Eh? You don't get any unicorn for being a VIP

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    You got a unicorn in forza 4 if you were a vip in forza 3.

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    Really, which one? I remember getting a few unicorns from the import but I thought those were just cars in fm3 that are now unicorns in fm4

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    Yes,i worded it wrong...

    what i meant was there was several unicorns in forza 3 in the vip pack ,that are also unicorns in forza 4,so when you import your save file you basically have unicorns already ,and the achievement unlocks too.