steering wheel

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    ive got a microsoft wireless steering wheel and pedals, but as i`ve just started to use the in car view, with no speedo on, i`ve noticed that my steering wheel moves further that the one in anycar am driving, cant find an option to adjust the steering degee, does anyone know it it`s something i can adjust? as it annoys me no end, oh merry christmas



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    The MS wheel is 270 degrees, the in game cockpit view only animates about 180 degrees, or so.  To counter this, which also annoyed me, is to use the hood view.  It makes sense too since to me it is weird seeing my actual steering wheel and the in game wheel.  No adjustments as far as I know.  

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    How does this wheel compare the the Logitch Drive FX Wheel?

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    The MS wheel works good and has Force Feedback. I've used this wheel since Forza 2 came out on the Xbox 360.

    I hear that the Logitech is not quite as good with no Force Feedback.

    The MS wheel is only available from Ebay and yo buy one new it costs more than it did new. You would have to fined a used one.

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