Anti cheat mechanism

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    Tonight my profile was flagged with this. Last nite I painted some cars and gifted 2 of the to someone who

    was going to help me with the tunes. when I got on tonight a message came up that my cloud save was 

    not syced , so it prompted me to syc it, which it did. when I got on I noticed the cars I painted were back

    to the colors they were before.

    Now earlier  the guy who helped me with the tunes messaged me n told me he gifted them back with new

    tunes. but when I check them the tune s were not there. I messaged him and explained what was going on

    he told me to resend them. I did, thats when i got flagged.

    I don't race online,  these were the first cars I ever gifted to anyone and I've only bought a few tunes ever.

    I did'nt know any better, did'nt know I was doing anything wrong. He explain to me it was because I use

    an old save. Now I can't use any of the service's on the server. I don't blame him,and I understand the

    need for something like this. I'm a victim of my own ignorance. I just thought I would give a heads up

    for anyone else who does'nt know any better.

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    Well after a little research I found this. And this is exactly what happened to me.


    "True Story about an Idiot

    A player launched a tirade in a thread about the cloud at about how he got a message about a tampered profile message after using the cloud and wouldn’t let him continue without deleting his save. It wasn’t a real helpful first post, but I eventually got the player to calm down and provide some more background.

    In his case the problem came about after the player got a message Your cloud saved games and the saved game copies on your console are out of sync. Which do you want to use? The player had only ever played on one console, but when given the choice opted to use the cloud save instead of his local copy. If you understand how the cloud works, you would know this was the wrong choice. If you only ever play on one console your local copy is always current.

    This was seen as an attempt to load an earlier version of the same game save file which is exactly what Turn 10′s anti-cheat system is looking for. The tampered profile warning is one result of being flagged as a cheater. In Forza 2 players were creating a copy of their game save, selling off all their cars and then reloading the save file that still had the cars in an effort to glitch credits. Reverting to the wrong version of the save in this player’s case is seen as the same thing.

    I don’t know what caused his cloud sync problem in the first place, but the player’s wrong choice was what really screwed him over. This was brought about because the player thought he knew what the cloud did without ever actually bothering to understand it. Eventually he got someone at Turn 10 to unflag his profile and he was able to continue, but never count on Turn 10 providing help.

    This is one of the reasons I’m advocating using the cloud, but only if you understand it."

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    Have you tried a new save game yet? (edit: just checked, that won't work either apparently).

    It IS pretty ridiculous there's no way to backup your saves.  There's only, what?  100s of hours all wrapped up in one save...  I've already had it freeze several times during a save.  Good thing it was only saving tunes or designs, not the main game.


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    SNOWOWL: Just to remind everyone - Forza Motorsport (versions 2, 3 and 4) can only exist in one game save at a time.  Attempting to "back-up" our saves will result in a "tampered profile" or corrupt game save, invalidating the save information.  The only way out of that situation is to delete your (gamertag) Saved Game and restart the game from scratch.


    I've never messed with gamertags...  Would that mean you lose your Xbox live and all achievements?


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    Not sure I want to change GT, its linked to my EA acct. Does'nt make much sense to fix one problem

    by creating another. I'll have to think about,plus thats a good question do you lose your achiements?

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    You will not lose anything by changing your gamertag, including your achievements.

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    Thanks for your reply, but  I would lose my game saves on other games that are under that GT right?

    I know they would still be on my HD but if I change my GT I would not be able to access them because

    they are save under this GT. So I would have to start from scratch on all my games. Am I right ?

    It would be nice if T10 would have this set up where you get 2 maybe 3 chances for the dummies like

    me that just make an honest mistake, specialy now that cloud saves are used. Maybe have to where

    the first is a warning with a slight suspension of a week or two.

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    When you change your gamertag, the change spreads across Xbox LIVE. You should have no issues accessing gamesaves for your games, as the account remains the same, only the gamertag is different.

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    You know seeing your answer made me realize what a dumb question it was for me to ask in the first place

    I quess I was just a little frustrated & paranoid. Thank you for answering my questions and all your help with


    @ Khronokai thanks buddy for searching & posting a solution.

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    So Did this work as I have been in same situation for past year, I own 2 xbox 360's and played on both. I never new cloud would do that!

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