What devices does Forza SmartGlass GPS map actually WORK on?

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    This has been driving me crazy for weeks and I can't find accurate information:

    What devices does the Forza Smartglass GPS map feature actually work on?

    It doesn't work on my Windows Phone 7.5 (HTC Titan).  Is it supposed to?

    Will it work if I get a Nokia Windows Phone 8?

    Will it only work if I get a Windows 8 Tablet?

    To be clear, my SmartGlass works fine, its the Forza map feature that doesn't work.

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    AFAIK, it's *supposed* to work on all of them. But it doesn't work on my iPad (1st gen) either.

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    Ive got an HTC One X and a Kindle Fire HD the smartglass maps thing doesnt work on either of them.


    This whole Smartglass feature that was shown of at last years E3 and is now becoming a major feature of the Xbox One is all good and well, but from what I and many people have seen, it just doesnt work.

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    Are you trying to use this in single player or when playing online? On my iPhone 4S this has always worked properly in single player mode - but the GPS map functionality does not work when playing online.


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    I tried it today on my Windows Phone 8 device in single player mode.  No workee.

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    It works on a windows 8 pc, so I think it would work with a Surface tablet. But who knows. I though it'd work on my WP8, but no dice.

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    Tried it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 it does not work but obviously works fine on my Windows 8 PC..

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    It works on my friends 5th gen iPod touch lol..didn't work on my HTC Trophy, haven't tried it with my Lumia 928 yet..


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    I have a WP7 HTC trophy and it doesn't work there.  I just bought a Windows 8 PC and it works with it, so does Game Of Thrones.

    It's cool, but it's also very shallow, it's hardly useful.  Although I really can't wait to see what developers do with smartglass in the future.