Shooting and aiming with shotguns and the Retro Lancer

    • Level   3

    I'm really new to online play on shoot em ups and have some questions regarding aiming with the shotguns

    How much aiming with the trigger do you need to do for these guns to be effective from close range? Do you use the aimer at all or just fire?

    I'm constantly using aimer at the moment but am concerned it's slowing me down as i'm losing over 50% of 1 on 1 shot gun duels.

    If you have someone behind cover and you intend to kill them with a shot gun. Do you just run up to them and fire, or run up to them, aim with trigger and then fire?

    Also, i'm having trouble getting kills with the retro lancer as the aimer gets so wide after 5-6 shots. Should i be tapping the trigger with this gun so the aimer stays smaller? I don't agree that this weapon is OP. It is useless at long range, bad at close range, decent at about 3,4meters away.

    Lancer is just plain awful. I've opened entire clips on people at close range and not killed them.

    Gasher i'm not using mainly because i prefer sawn off at the moment.

    I've still got to try the hammer.

    Any advice would be great!

    • Level   5

    From the beta to full game retro's blind fire was reduced because it was so strong now its only effective if you aim which makes it still one of the best rifles in the game.

    The new forum is trash.