GTA V Wishlist

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    I'm pretty sure there isn't a topic for this and we will need a thread like this come 12:00PM tomorrow (if you are not in US, check a time conversion chart; this is US time, East Coast). Wish away!!!

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    A special customization option that allows the palyer to dress up like an NPC, or better yet, let's us choose from a list of NPC characters ala RDR (hopefully we will be able to be police officers this time!!!). More police vehicles and make them have more light and siren options. More modern police vehicles with some LEDs. Different game modes and bring back Cops n' Crooks but revamped. San Andreas, redesigned and fully implemented with tons of activities.

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    I wish that there is more customization with the protagonist, more hot women to play as (multi), MORE THINGS TO DO IN THE GIANT WORLD OF GTA- dont care what they are just more activities would be nice, I would like multiple cities, I would love the game to have a super amount of add ons for me to spend all my money on (that are decent), I would love more cars, more mafia, more bikers - and last of all - FOR it to hurry the hell up and let me play it already! I cant wait, oh goodness I cant wait!

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    I want an easier way to take out a chopper from the ground eg a TOW Rocket Launcher, for passengers in open top cars to be able to fire two handed weapons including the RPG, More players in free Roam & No more pigeons.



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    As I have stated many times,  please take all the FUN ideas from San Andreas, Vice City, and Saints Row 2/3, and put them all into GTA5 and you will have one of the best sandbox games in history.    GTA4 was a huge disappointment for me. In fact I would say its one of the biggest disappointments for the 360.   Cant buy houses, cant buy bikes, cant buy cars, cant customize cars, no parachute until TBOGT, no monster trucks, no planes, stuck with Nikko because no character customization, and the list goes on.  The 16 player multiplayer free roam was a lot of fun. Best part of the game.  But the GTA roots we grew up with were not in GTA4 at all.  This is their opportunity to redeem themselves after the huge disappointment of GTA4.


    Features I want for GTA5
    1. Play the entire campaign as co-op!! (full drop in drop out co-op campaign)

    2. Buy cars

    3. Customize the way the main character looks (his or her actual physical appearance)

    4. Customize cars

    5. Customize your homies appearance and vehicles

    6. Buy houses especially houses with helicopters on them

    7. Drive monster trucks

    8. Use a parachute and parachute from anything at any time

    9. Fly airplanes and jets along with helicopters

    10. Drive quads

    11. Buy bikes

    12. Buy boats

    13. Play demolition derby

    14. Money off the properties you buy

    15. Fight in a fight club

    16. All the fun from Vice City / San Andreas and Saints Row 2/3



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    I just want the VC features again. As well as car customization from SA. Some of the "Fun" that's being suggested should be multiplayer modes.

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    So now that everyone's seen the trailer - any wishes now? It was VERY exciting for me to see a huge airplane being flown!

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    The inclusion of San Fierro in the next trailer.

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    Pretty much everything from GTA:SA to be brought back plus more fun stuff.

    I Run Liberty City
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    More support for roleplayers in multiplayer.

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    I second the notion of co-op in GTA and the customization of cars!!

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    1. A better cops & crooks mode (Like make it so that the cops have to arrest the robbers and the robers can break them out.

    2. Jets and planes

    3. The melee weapons from GTA3

    4. A Big driveable boat that can have players stand on it. (The bardge was a good start)

    5. better heli controls

    6. jet packs

    7. USEFULL featurs for the phone or internet (Like buying cars or weapons as CAMAROBOY suggested)

    8. Buses that can actually hold a large group of people (If a bus has 16 seats, then it should be able to hold 16 players)

    9. None of that bowling or darts stuff, no one really liked to do that

    10. a safe house with a heli-pad on it.

    11. more reconizeable songs on the car radio

    12. Able to assassinate with the knife

    13. Rather that have 1 big city, it should be 1 or 2 small or medium sized cities that connect with a big highway and maybe have some road stops on the way.

    14. More kinds of buildings you can go inside, like a mall, a Football stadium, or the airport

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    Load outs for Free Roam.



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    More support for RPers, and better variety of Emergency Service vehicles. Include all vehicles from SP into MP. I still don't understand why we were denied the Enforcer in Free Mode and the FIB Buffalo (when it was in GTA RACE and RACe).

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    @LegendOfGta I agree, every weapon, vehicle, and ability that you use in campaign should be in multiplayer. And its not just GTA's problem but other games have this stupid policy as well! Halo has it (Can't spawn every item, prop, or weapon that you see in campaign) and even starcraft 2 has it! (I read that the medics and firebats are only avadiable in campaign and not multiplayer) This is the most dumbest policy that no game should ever adopt!

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