GTA4 on Games on Demand?

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    I just read at that the Playstation4 will be able to purchase download their copy of GTA5 on day1 release of GTA5. According to Rockstar, Microsoft's Games on Demand service doesn't support day1 releases. This sucks, I have always preferred a digital copy of my games. They run better, they are easier on the machines, and they can never be stolen or damaged. GTA5 will be available on the Marketplace when ever Microsoft permits it. What is this about?

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    I'm assuming your talking about the ps3 after reading the article.Rockstar seems to be giving the ps3 platform the perks this time around.

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    since no one has said otherwise, i'm sure all dlc will release basically the same day for each system. the only perk ps3 is getting so far is a discount on other rockstar games when you pre-order through psn, it's a pretty substantial discount too, 75%. i wonder if that takes account of the ps+ discount, right now max payne 3 is only 7.99. doesn't matter though, i've already got my special edition for 360 pre-ordered and paid off.

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    That discount does sound doesn't matter to me either, i've already told some of my 360 friends that i'm going to be getting it for the 360, plus i don't think i have enough room on my ps3 hdd for this game.i'm kind of bummed they dev'd gta5 on the ps3 and the 360 is getting the port.the game will look slightly better for the ps3 since it has the better hardware so you can chalk that up as one of their perks.

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    Don't think it will really matter, these systems are so close to each other anyway... Just hoping PS3 doesn't get extra missions or content, then I'd be a little upset... Graphics wise though, it's gonna look awesome no matter what system you have it on.

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    GTA5 will be released on September 17th, and will be available for digital download on the Playstation Network on release day.  Xbox Live Games on Demand service doesn't allow for pre-ordering or day 1 downloads, but it will be made available as soon as permitted by Microsoft. I hope Microsoft does something about this. I want a digital copy of GTA5 on day 1.

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    Are you guys sure?

    The Link is dead currently.. but that's curious.

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    First off that on the Xbox itself that's and second off if you click the box for the Xbox games store it will take you the page you can buy props and gamer pics (where dlc will be when they release some) not pre-order the game . . EDIT: sorry if that sounds rude but its not suppose to

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