wtf???? online xp limit reached??

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    I was originally against this but after playing yesterday for a ridiculous amount of time and not reaching the cap this does not bother me. Honestly if you play more than I did yesterday in a day then you have some serious issues LOL.

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    lol. too many butt-hurt kids with no other reason for living other than gaining XP on a video game. GROW UP. it's about having fun, not a race to max level. Go join the losers at BoostersHotline if you're so worried about gaining XP.

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    The only thing that originally bothered me about it was that If I can't get XP and rank up then I don't really want to play MP.  But like I said I played way too much yesterday and still didn't even hit the cap.

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    I haven't gotten Halo 4 yet so my opinion may be slightly skewed.


    But if the level XP cap stops boosters then I'm ok with it.

    I understand the frustration though. I've been stuck at home due to an injury and I've been gaming a lot because of it. I know it sucks to be kickin butt with nothing to show for it.


    On a side note. Mtn Dew double XP? Gross.. Nothing like a 24 oz shot of food coloring and suger that looks and taste like radioactive p!ss.

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    Change the time zone!! to tokyo if you are in america.

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    Daily caps are smart, the way they did it in Reach p****d me off.  I essentially played for weeks without gaining rank.  That was a lot of lost/ unrecorded game time. Play some story, beat it on Legendary or something for's the best part anyway.

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    I like the cap, its fair. I also hear about people that can get around it, I hope they get in trouble for that cheating.

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    I didn't get that message till I was sr42

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    Me;sometimes I talk to my self                                     Me:omg same here

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    Undeadfire Zero


    So I paid for Limited Edition to access the the Specializations, then Im told I have to be a 50 to use the 1st one, then im tolt theres a xp limit???? what the ***?

    You read wrong on the speializations.

    No, he didn't. They just worded it wrong. The Limited Edition clearly states "Launch Day Access" reaching level 50 most certainly is not Launch Day Access.

    It's not until you actually open the game and read the Card with the codes that you find out it's actually only when you hit level 50 you choose the ones you want. The description on the card and the back of the limited edition contradict each other.

    It's like being told you get a Free Soft Drink with purchase of a food item. Then when you pay, you're told you get the free soft drink via voucher that'll be mailed to you in 4-6 weeks.


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    I just got this retarded message after crossing SR28.  Oh well, maybe it's for the better that I take a break and spare the rest of the folks I was playing against the wrath of my Magnum.

    What the hell is it, what the hell spawned it, and how the hell do I kill it?
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    This XP cap in BS.  If they don't want people to have an advantage then why even have lvls. why not just have everything unlocked from the start. Also, what is the point of buying the Mt Dew double XP if all it does is limit how much you can play per day? Because they are greedy, that is all. If they didn't want people to have the advantage of having access to specializations before others then why do the people who bought the SE get all 8 right away? 343 is not my mommy, and have no right to tell me how much I can play a day. I am earning that XP fair and square and it is not my fault nor problem that others cannot play as often as I do.

    What is especially dirty is the fact that 343 never mentioned this when they were advertising the game or the dew XP. MW3 had double XP with no XP cap and everything worked out just fine. I have never heard of a company actually wanting to limit how much you play their game before.

    Plus, how is it fair to limit people who are lower lvls from catching up to the higher lvls because there is a XP cap? For example, I am now a lvl 32 and hit the limit. Meanwhile, I'm playing against people who are lvl 43 or higher. That's not balanced or fair so let me catch up. What about people who just bought the game this weekend. 343 needs to get their head out of their @$$. It makes no sense and only frustrates and alienates the fan basis Bungie has formed around the Halo franchise.

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    ALL your problems will be GONE when the Mountain Dew promo stops. Thats how I see it ;)

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    I've reached the daily xp limit today after 5 matches, none of which had double xp tokens applied. I only leveled up twice today and now I have to wait until tomorrow to hit level 60? That just isn't right! I have a friend who is level 104 and another who's 89

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    So is there a notification? I didn't receive one.

    Just stopped getting XP. I thought I had done something wrong.