Game restarting when joining Online Game.

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    I'm having a problem with my game sometimes restarting when I'm joining a multiplayer game.  I'm running an xbox 360 slim 4gb with a 16gb USB flash drive memory stick. The game is running on my memory stick as I downloaded disk 2 to it.  

    Basically the lobby fills up and the map is loading or w/e with the USNC logo rotating around. Shortly after the halo 4 logo comes up and the game just restarts.  It goes back to the main menu.  I try joining my friends game but the same thing happens and it just keep restarting.  It doesn't happen that often but it will happen a few times in a row and its frequent enough to make it very annoying.  Does anyone else have this problem? I appreciate any help in advance thanks.

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    I am having the same is extremely annoying. It's making me not want to play

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    Let me know when you guys figure that out. I also have the 16G flash drive. That may be it and I hope its mother@$%!$ not!

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    Delete the download from your storage and download disc 2 again. All the maps did not download correctly idk why but that might fix it.

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    I have been having the same issue and I redownloaded the disc.  I even exchanged my old disc for a new one and I am still having the same issue.  

    new disc- no fix

    deleted and downloaded both discs- no fix

    deleted and downloaded my profile- no fix

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    It is the 4g Xbox. I switched back to the old white one and I have not had the issue since.

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    I am also having this exact same issue

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    i'm not sure but i think its the space on your disk.

    a game needs some sort of buffer... SWAP-Files needes to be "swapped".

    Maybe your disk-space is to small for that to run Multiplayer.

    Try to get some BIGGER HDD / Sticks.

    And wich internet-connection do you use? wi-fi? wire?

    you should go through every possibility.

    if nothing helps, twitter with the Xbox-Live Support.