Halo Ford SYNC Sweepstakes Questions

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    About a week or so ago, I saw an advertisement tile that was regarding a sweepstakes running. Upon clicking this advertisement it brought me to some other tiles I could click on; one of them brought up a more comedic/promotional video for the person who won the Infinity Challenge. These couple videos were about that person meeting Steve Downs and spending the day with the voice of Master Chief. After watching the videos there was another tile where I could enter this sweepstakes to win an Ford F150 Raptor (exact one from Infinity Challenge). So I entered and eventually wanted to look more into this sweepstakes. Thing is, I literally cannot find one little piece of information that this sweepstakes even exists. I can't find anything on the internet or any advertisements on the dashboard. I called Xbox to see if they had any information on it but they didn't and referred me here to ask. The reason I'm a bit passionate for just an advertisement/sweepstakes is because the truck in particular that can be won happens to my absolute favorite vehicle of all time themed after my favorite gaming franchise of all time and if there is another chance to win it, I am definitely going to do everything I can to win it. So my question is, is this sweepstakes still up and running?

    EDIT: This was one of the videos that was promoting Ford SYNC as well as the Infinity Challenge winner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0WDepRU9X8

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    I doubt it, otherwise it would be plastered all over the dashboard ads.

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    I actually just received a phone call from the promotion company and I won first prize, not grand prize, and what I won is a custom 360 console signed by Steve Doses, every halo game, a DVD forward onto dawn, and a $60 Xbox live gift card. I will post pics as soon as I get it all.

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    I received the call as well. Jake left me a message and a few weeks later got everything. :)