Halo 4 unlock specializations

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    Has anyone gotten more information on unlocking the 6 specializations if you play Halo 4 on Xbox live before Nov 20th.  How do you know if Microsoft actually registered that you did?  If you don't get an email on or shortly after the 30th (the day I was informed by Xbox live support they are suposed to start sending them out), how do you "prove" you did play (i.e. Waypoint info, etc) before the 20th?  Any info would be great.

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    They're actually going to start sending the codes out on the 21st and all codes should be delivered no later than the 30th. Go to Waypoint and see if you can view your stats. If you can you should be good to go.

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    Can anyone shed more light on this? Did you have to do something special to get extra? I bought regular edition, will I be getting more options as well or no? Thanks

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    As long as you have played the game online before the 21st you'll get the codes for the other six available specializations emailed to you. They should be emailed to the address associated with your gamertag, so just make sure you check that email after the 20th.

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    hey I don't know if anyone can help me on this but I just tried to access my email (poopy yahoo) and for some reason I've been locked out of my email. I've tried contacting 343 about this but I really want that code. and if they send it to that account I'll never get it. so is their any other way other than email or if I were to create an account and make that my new email account for live would/could I get the code on said new email? Anything would help

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    Well, you can get the tech support at yahoo to fix your current email problem. You could change the email address associated with your gamertag. You could also create another profile and play online before the 21st. I think your best bet is to get your current email address lined out, or change it.

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    Man this sucks im maxed out at 70 and im going to have to wait till the 30th at the latest to play again...

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    yup im in the same boat. im at 67, i know ill be 70 in a few days, kind a bummer i might have to stop playing

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    Been 70 for days. So lame.

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    Thats crazy all of you are such a high rank already.  I had an entire week off paid and have played this game EVERY single day since launch and I am still only around level 48.   Well I have spent a lot of time in the co-op campaign. 54 co-op campaign missions and I have at least 42 hours just into the co-op campaign.   I know you dont level up in co-op campaign so I guess if I skipped campaign I would be a much higher level for sure.    Yes it actually makes sense. If I added that 40+ hours from the campaign onto the multiplayer I would also probably be close to level 70.  Ok it makes sense now.  Even if I hit level 70 I would not stop playing.  That part I dont understand.  Why would you quit playing because you hit level 70?  

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    Why would you quit playing because you hit level 70?  

    I know right.  People are silly if they play only for rank,  the current ranking system means absolutely nothing.  Just play for fun. 

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    YES!!! Another Timesplitters fan ^^^^


    Anyway, Yeah just waiting on the e-mail.

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    @ OP. There is also an XBL Rewards program thing going on that gives program members MS points for playing a certain number of hours (as well as other rewards stuff) before a certain date. Can't remember if it's the same date or not.


    Anyway, the fact that you've played online is tracked by the game itself and can be found on Waypoint. Right down to the Hr/Min/Sec. I found how many hours I've played there and have been kind of keeping track of it.

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    I thought the promotion ended at 23:59pm on the 20th? So emails wont go out until tomorrow at the earliest

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    I'm a Silver Member, can I still get the specialization code from via e-mail if I use 14 day gold trail I already play halo 4 on the Nov. 20th?