Why Was I Banned???

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    My account name is Piston597 and I have been banned on Halo 4 for some reason. I don't know why I have been banned it makes no sense at all. I called the xbox live support and they told me that banned can result from "leaving the game early" or "accidently betraying someone" and both these cases are unfair. If I paid $60 for the game I shouldn't be "forced" to stay and if I accidently betray somebody for high-jacking a vehicle and running someone over in the game when I have no control over the vehicle so that is also unfair - and there are countless betrayals that occur by accident all the time. 

    Also this has been my first "apparently accused offense" so I dont see why it says Im banned and not suspended? it also says account not validated when I begin halo 4 now.

    I want to know the reason for my banning and how long its going to stay. It keeps saying that I have left matchmaking too often and can't play for 60 minutes and it wont go away and its been 4 hours... Again its not an offense for leaving a game... this is supposed to be for fun not forcefully being required to play a game... also who can I contact over the phone for further info if this happens again.

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    Well, you see, I didn't pay $60 so you could run me over without penalty.


    You also don't get booted for one betrayal, so you're leaving something out. As far as quitting games, you're welcome to quit a few but you're not supposed to keep quitting.


    My suggestion would be to leave the game alone entirely for an hour and see how that goes.

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    I'm glad there's a ban in place for quitting too much.  That has already been a bane in all games on xbox live and for once they're doing something about it.  It's not like they're banning you from enjoying the campaign which is worth the $60 on its own.  So the moral is, stop quitting or don't play on xbox live.

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    Oh man I like that. Blops2 has a 1 minute wait penalty for quitting every game so this is good imo.

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    Please post in the following thread concerning game related bans: The Official Halo 4 Ban Thread

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