Champions Map Pack Not Free for Limited Edition?

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    Can anyone tell me why the Champions Map Pack is not free for limited edition members, I keep seeing questions throughout the web about it but no answers, I buy limited editions so I dont have to pay the map pack cost seperately. Anyone help me on this?

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    Limited Edition includes the season pass I think, which gives free access to the first 3 map packs.  The Champions bundle wasn't included in the season pass, that's why it isn't free for limited edition owners.

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    Which, all-in-all, is not far off being just a grab for money.

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    The people with the limited edition got the season pass. The season pass gave you the 3 DLC's which include Crimson, Majestic and Castle. Each of these contain 3 maps (as described on the season pass.) The bundle wasn't included and I think that 343i wasn't even intending on making the Champions Bundle to start off with. Hope this helps :)

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    The crap thing was I helped buy my friend the Collector's Edition Halo 4 Console and it didn't come with the season pass or even a 1 year gold membership.  Just 1600 MS points and Fotus armor.

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